Former Athletic Clients

Let's Play Ball and WIN!™

Christopher Peoples - TE was on Indianapolis Colts Emergency Call List

Evan Bostic- LB

Angelo Looney- DB

Jermaine Townes - SG (NBA Prospect)

Aaron Byers - Kicker

Arthur Williams - TE Undrafted Rookie

Mareece S. Harris - LB/ DE

John Willie Jackson, Jr. - RB

Brandon Onuselogu - FS/ SS/ CB

Tyler Blaylock - CB,

Edward Perry - RB NFL Free Agent

Owner with Evan Bostic and Arthur Williams in Atlanta, GA

Evan Bostic & Arthur Williams

Owner and Arthur Williams in Atlanta, GA

Owner and Mareece S. Harris in North Carolina

Angelo Looney- DB

Owner and Christopher Peoples in North Carolina

Edward Perry- RB NFL Free Agent